Bringing you workshops for your Mind, Body & Spirit


Lodgepole School was created & founded by Herbalists Jeananne Laing & Tiffany Freeman to keep classroom learning alive. Whether that classroom be outside in nature or indoors at their space in Blank Page Studio in Kensington (Calgary, AB) lodgepole opened its doors to create a space & place for wholistically minded teachers, presenters, and students to share and learn.

The Lodgepole classroom environment has also been home to official Wild Rose College of Natural Healing (WRC) curriculum and through partnership with the WRC, contributing to the education of the Herbal community and the WRC Herbal & Wholistic Therapist diploma programs.


Along with partnering with others in the community Lodgepole brings their own unique offerings to Calgary and area whether that be courses on Cannabis Medicine, Assessment techniques such as Pulse & Tongue, Medicinal Mushrooms workshops, Folk Herbalism, Herbal presenters, wholistic healing techniques, advanced Clinical skills for Herbalists and much more. 

Lodgepole is a place that supports community, where we gather to share knowledge of our ancestors, teachers, elders & mentors. It is a place for quality wholistic and herbal education, and a gathering place for gifted teachers and healers to share their knowledge and a place to nourish and support our connection to the Mind, Body & Spirit. 


Photo featuring

Tiffany Freeman & Jeananne Laing