Pulse & Tongue Assessment Intensive - Sept 27 & 28, 2019

Pulse & Tongue Assessment Intensive - Sept 27 & 28, 2019


Join Dr. Tiffany Freeman TCM Doctor & East/West Herbalist in the classroom for this 2 day intensive course. Master the essential foundations of Pulse Assessment and Tongue Assessment, based in Traditional Chinese & Classical Chinese Medicine but developed for the western practitioner in mind.

About Pulse..

"..it took me years to learn how to read the pulse. The years this required were not because of any inherent difficulty in feeling and interpreting the pulse, but were due to my own laziness and stubborn refusal to master the basics of this art. While I searched for advanced and abstruse pulse lore, I was never diligent enough to memorize all the basic facts of this discipline. In other words, I tried to jump high up in the sky without first laying an adequate foundation."-Bob Flaws from The Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

  • Learn to properly assess the pulse, how to best find it and proper positioning

  • Learn factors that affect the pulse including common pharmaceuticals, seasons, cycles, foods, etc.

  • Establish a functional knowledge of the different pulse categories and their therapeutic meanings

  • Develop an understanding of the meaning of TCM terms and pattern discrimination used in assessment and how that translates to the western view of the body

  • Aquire valuable experience as we assess one another in the practical part of the class

  • Unlike online courses in pulse you will walk away with confidence in assessment through the ability to ask, feel and learn from a live teacher!

About Tongue..

Tongue Assessment is one of the primary diagnostic tools used in many organized systems of Traditional Medicine, in particular Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where is dates back to the year 1066 BCE.

In this intensive workshop we will go in depth to learn this ancient assessment tool. Taken from the theories and practices of TCM but developed for the Western practitioner, we will delve into the major aspects of tongue assessment such as body colour, shape, coating and their relationships to the organs & fluids. Through the close up look and interpretation of these areas we will discuss in depth their clinical significance.

Tongue Assessment is a course that will teach you the foundations of accurately assessing your clients and in doing so better empowering you to select individually appropriate recommendations of herbs, foods, nutritional supplements and/or natural treatment protocols. Through the practical component in which we will be assessing one another tongues each participant will be given enough experience to quickly incorporate this into their own practice.

This course is open to all modalities and experience levels.

WHEN: Friday September 27 & Saturday September 28, 2019

TIME: Friday 7pm to 10pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm

WHERE: Blank Page Studio in Kensington, Calgary

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Tiffany Freeman R.Ac, TCMD, Reg. CL.H (AHG)

INVESTMENT: $165 (+gst)*

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About the Instructor

Tiffany Freeman is a Registered Acupuncturist, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, and a Registered Clinical Herbalist (American Herbalist Guild). Along with her clinical practice she is also an instructor, author and educator. She is the Co-founder/Co-Director of the Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies in Calgary Alberta, teaching a variety of courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Herbology, assessment techniques, Folk Herbalism and Wild Rose College of Natural Healing curriculum.

In clinical practice her passion lies in traditional medicine and therapies that connect us to a deeper healing. She is always learning and studying adjunctive therapies to better provide for her patients needs, currently she is studying the art of Ortho-Bionomy. In the clinic her primary focus is on Eastern & Western herbal preparations, Master Tung Ching Chang’s acupuncture & therapies and Traditional Indigenous Medicine.
Learn more about Tiffany at tiffanyfreemanwellness.org